Growth in Finland’s R&D expenditure

Recent figures from Statistics Finland show a growth in research expenditure of four percent from 2004 to 2005, much of which due to an increase in corporate R&D expenditure. The most substantial corporate growth took place in the electronic industries with an increase of almost seven percent.
The quantitative growth was 220 million euros. Of this, private sector expenditure accounts for 193 million euros, whereas public-sector research institutions accounts for 25 million euros. The growth in corporate expenditure has led to a private sector share of the total R&D expenditure of as much as 71 percent.

The R&D expenditure of public research institutes in this period grew by 4, 6 percent whereas expenditure in the higher education sector remained at almost the same level as the year before. R&D expenditure in 2005 accounted for 3,4 percent of Finland’s GDP. This puts Finland on top among the EU member states, beaten only by Sweden.