Hakamies-Blomqvist new Director at NordForsk

Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist will from 15 October 2005 be the Director of the Nordic Research Board – NordForsk. She was born in Helsinki, where she also studied Romance philology and psychology. Since 1996, she has, however, worked at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute in Linköping, first as a researcher and since 2002 as Scientific Director.
As a Finn, the nine years in a Swedish research milieu have reinforced her Nordic identity, in particular her understanding of the importance of cooperation between small countries such as those in the Nordic region for international success.

As the Nordic countries have agreed on, and as the Lisbon Strategy also highlights, it is necessary to strengthen research, if one wants to be an important knowledge-based society in the globalised economy. As the new Director of NordForsk, it will be Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist’s ambition to strengthen the Nordic region as a united research area, not only in a European perspective but also compared to the USA and Japan.

Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist has through the University of Linköping been engaged in a Centre of Excellence on research on the elderly. Now she will, as Director of NordForsk, bring together selected Nordic research groups, some in Nordic Centres of Excellence, and ensure that they have the critical mass for international break-throughs. In 2005, the new Director is expected to, in cooperation with the Board, contribute with Nordic seed/glue money that can release research funding for initiatives that are based on the national priorities of the Nordic countries.
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