Horizon Scan and “Usercontribution” in Danish Reseach Policy

FORSK2015 is a Danish initiative that aims to establish a broad basis for the identification and prioritisation of thematic investments within Danish strategic research in the future. In order to map out the societal challenges and research requirements of the future, FORSK2015 now invites researchers and the general public to post their contributions at the FORSK2015 website.
 Horizon Scan and “Usercontribution” in Danish Reseach Policy
”We accept contributions from all Nordic countries,” Allan Skårup Kristensen at The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation says. “The aim of the FOSRK2015-process is to identify strategic investment areas within Danish research, but these investments might of course address challenges of a Nordic or global nature.”

FORSK2015 – a Three Step Process
The FORSK2015 initiative will be implemented through a three stage process: 1) mapping out societal challenges; 2) identifying research areas; 3) evaluating the societal and industrial potentials of these research areas, and the conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to make the most of these potentials.

OECD has produced a horizon scan – an international study covering important tendencies and challenges that will make impact on strategic, thematic priorities in Danish research in the future. The scan is drawn from a range of sources including think tanks, academic publications, corporate foresight, expert/strategic thinkers, government sources and international reports. The results of the OECD report is presented on the project website (in Danish only).

Post Your Contribution Online
The project website, FORSK2015 invites you to post a contribution: In your opinion, what are the most important societal challenges today? What research investments are required to meet these challenges? On the website you can also read the proposals that have been posted by other contributors, and the final report will be published here.

Although FORSK2015 is a Danish initiative, and the final report will be a catalogue of propositions for thematic investments in Danish research, The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation values contributions from outside Denmark as well. “Nordic proposals might contribute to the identification of new areas of joint interest, and thus form basis for Nordic and International research collaboration”, Allan Skårup Kristensen says.