Icelandic Senior Advisor at NordForsk

1 September 2007 Erlendur Helgason from Iceland started as Senior Advisor at NordForsk. Now all the five Nordic countries are represented among the NordForsk staff.
 Icelandic Senior Advisor at NordForsk
"I‘ve worked as a researcher for many years, and have developed a strong interest in research and university policy", Erlendur Helgason says. "I‘m looking forward to contributing to stronger collaboration among Nordic researchers and research students, and to help ensure efficient use of Nordic investments in research."

Erlendur Helgason came to NordForsk from a research position at the National Veterinary Institute of Norway. He has lived in Norway for 12 years. "People from Iceland have a strong interest in Nordic collaboration, and many of us are either educated or have been working in a different Nordic country", he explains. Helgason has a PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of Oslo, and has specialised in population genetics among a group of bacteria that causes human and animal diseases, Bacillus cereus.