Not satisfied until Nordic research receives the Nobel Prize

Photo: Kim Wendt

Not satisfied until Nordic research receives the Nobel Prize

Nordic Council Director Jan-Erik Enestam and incoming Director Britt Bohlin talk to us about the cooperation within the Nordic Council in recent years, focusing on research and societal security.

- It is exciting to see the international interest in Nordic cooperation and the Nordic welfare model. Our achievements garner attention, states Jan-Erik Enestam. He thinks that research and innovation will play a more significant role in the years to come. - We should not be satisfied until a research group from the Nordic countries receives a Nobel Prize. NordForsk can promote and cultivate such research and increase our competitiveness, he states.

In many areas, collaboration in the Nordic region is crucial, as many challenges do not stop at national borders. Enestam predicts more environmental disasters in the future. - Increased shipping traffic and petroleum recovery in vulnerable Arctic areas can lead to accidents with a major impact on both human health and the environment. Nordic cooperation enables us to use our collective resources and achieve effective task distribution, which in turn allows us to get more out of the resources we have, he continues.

- There is strength in the capability of our five countries to develop effective crisis communication, says Britt Bohlin. She is County Governor of Jämtland, Sweden, and takes office as Nordic Council Director at the turn of the year. - This is an extremely challenging area, and more knowledge and good communication solutions are critical. Although we have different systems and social structures, we have so much in common that we can achieve a lot.



Read the full interview with Britt Bohlin and Jan-Erik Enestam in the upcoming NordForsk Magazine 2013 available from 29 October.

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