"Important to strengthen NordForsk"

NordForsk is one of the main tools in the process of making the Nordic countries an attractive and leading region for research and development. This was underlined in the discussions during the session of the Nordic Council in Reykjavik last week.
”The ongoing work of making the Nordic countries a competitive region for research and development underlines the importance of continued long term investment in education and research in the years to come. The Norwegian leadership of the Nordic Council of Ministers will follow this up actively. We will make sure NordForsk is able to fulfil its mandate and carry out the vision of the Nordic countries as an attractive and leading research region.”

This was said by the Norwegian Minister of modernisation, Heidi Grande Røys, as she presented the Norwegian programme for the leadership of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2006. Norway takes over the leadership after Denmark in January 2006. Besides being Minister of Modernisation, Grande Røys is also responsible for Nordic cooperation within the Norwegian government.

Also the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, pointed out the importance of a continued strengthening of NordForsk in his presentation of the Danish period of leadership.
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