Industrial PhD programmes work for all parties

98 % of the participating companies are so pleased with the results of the Industrial PhD programme that they would consider joining a new programme. These are the positive results of an inquiry carried out by the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation.
About 50 % of the companies believe that participation in the PhD programme has increased their business’ competitiveness and turnover, or they’ve obtained new patents as a direct result of the collaboration.

According to the PhD supervisors, the universities also enhance their competence, both in practical and theoretical terms, from the Industrial PhD programme.

Industrial PhD candidates are employed by a private company while taking their doctor’s degree. Wage subsidies are part of the programme settlement. The candidates work on a business relevant research project, but has a supervisor at their university or research institution. The university is responsible for conferring the doctor degree.

The industrial PhD programme aims to bridge the gap between academic institutions and private enterprises. According to the Danish inquiry it is very successful in doing so: about 80 % of the industrial PhD candidates are employed by private businesses after completing the degree. And about 80 % of the University supervisors state that the Industrial PhD candidates are just as well qualified for academic positions as the “traditional” candidates, or even better.

The Danish industrial PhD programme is open for Danish industry and PhD candidates from universities and research institutions worldwide.

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