Innovative Sweden

In a press release the Swedish Minister for education and research Thomas Östros and Minister for Industry and Trade Leif Pagrotsky lauch a strategy for increased co-operation between research, industry and public sector called Innovative Sweden.
The strategy is meant to strengthen the international position of Swedish education and research, strenghten small and medium sized enterprises‘ ability to innovate, to use the public sector as a driving force for sustainable development and stimulate entrepreneurship.

-The vision is to make Sweden Europe‘s most competitive, dynamic and knowledge-besed economy, says Minister for Industry and Trade Leif Pagrotsky. This will also make Sweden one of the world‘s most attractive countries for establishment of small and large knowledge-based enterprises.

-Education and research are increasingly important for economic growth, says Minister for education and research Thomas Östros. By developing new knowledge the research can contribute to the innovation of Swedish industry.

Innovative Sweden can be downloaded from the Swedish Government‘s web pages.

Photo: Swedish Government
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