International Conference on Excellence in Research

In collaboration with the European Research Council (ERC) and three other Nordic research funding institutions NordForsk is organising the international conference “Excellence Stems from People”. The conference aims to identify the optimal conditions for developing Excellence in research and is held in Turku, Finland 27.–28. August 2007.
 International Conference on Excellence in Research
What makes the best researchers better? How can we make sure that we recognize excellence when we meet it i.e., what are the qualities to look for? What is the ideal environment for excellent research? And how can we make NORIA – the Nordic Research and Innovation Area – the habitat of excellence in research?

Gathering European researchers, industry representatives, policy and decision makers, the Conference “Excellence Stems from People” August 27th – 28th 2007 in Turku, Finland, aims to promote understanding of the circumstances relevant for building national, regional and global excellence in research, with a focus on NORIA as a building block of the European Research and Innovation Area.

Following the tradition of significant European research conferences as “Investing in Research and Innovation” (N-IRI, October 2006) and “European Researchers of Tomorrow – Crossing the Borders of Academia and Industry” (EUR Future May 2007), the Turku conference will examine excellence from different perspectives, with a special focus on the human potential in research and the researcher as a key resource.

The sessions will review criteria and indicators for identifying excellence at its different stages and in its different forms; attracting and maintaining excellence; building creative and innovative research environments and infrastructures; and evaluating the geographic, intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility of excellence.

The Conference is organised by the Finnish Ministry of Education, Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk and the Academy of Finland, in cooperation with the European Research Council. The conference forms part of the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2007.

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For further information, contact: NordForsk/Senior Advisor Susanna Sepponen, +47 99 41 77 20

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