Joint Nordic Effort at the World Climate Meeting 2009

– The Nordic countries should focus on joint preparations for the world climate meeting in Copenhagen in 2009, the Nordic Council Presidium proclaims. Exchange of experience between Nordic research institutions is one of the focus areas to be further discussed in this context.
 Joint Nordic Effort at the World Climate Meeting 2009
Public participation to achieve the climate goals as well as excellent projects demonstrating technological solutions to reduce climate emissions will also be given priority. The Nordic Council Presidium has decided to go ahead with this member‘s proposal from VSG, the Left-wing Socialist Green Group, and the Social Democrats.

"Our common Nordic values are an excellent foundation for sustainable development in the environment area. We should therefore move forward united, setting ambitious energy goals and showing the world how far we have come with our co-operation in the energy sector", states the member‘s proposal.

The Presidium now calls for the Nordic Prime Ministers to report at this autumns Nordic Council session in Oslo on the common Nordic plans in this area and to allocate money in the budget for these ventures.