Joint Nordic Knowledge Centre in Oslo

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the main sponsor of a new Nordic Centre for commercialisation of research, to be established at the Fornebu centre for knowledge-based innovation in Oslo.
Both public and private Nordic financiers contribute to the establishment and operation of the centre. The total grant for the first two years is 8 million NOK. The centre will comprise two–three employees to start with. Their main tasks will be to gather information from all Nordic countries, develop different commercialisation tools, and compare innovation systems from other parts of the world.

Private project sponsors are, among others, Accenture and the Helsinki School of Economics.

The Nordic countries have enhanced their focus on commercialisation of research results in recent years. Most universities and university colleges have established so called Technology Transfer Offices. However, there is still a lack of systematic knowledge in the field. The newly established Nordic knowledge centre aims to improve the situation.

(Aftenposten 11 June 2007)