JPI Climate funds nine research projects

In 2013, NordForsk, together with the French National Research Agency (ANR), took on the responsibility for administering the first joint call under the large-scale European research initiative JPI Climate. The allocation of the funding is now revealed.
JPI Climate funds nine research projects

JPI Climate was established in 2010 and is a collaboration between 14 European countries seeking to coordinate their climate research, develop more climaterelated knowledge and fund joint research projects. JPI Climate focuses on the societal challenges resulting from climate change.

In 2011, they began preparing the first joint call, under which European researchers would compete for allocations within an overall budget of EUR 12 million. One of the first issues that needed to be dealt with was determining which organisation would serve as secretariat for the technical implementation of the call.

The French National Research Agency (ANR) quickly emerged as a strong candidate for administering the first topic, Societal Transformation in the Face of Climate Change and NordForsk got the second topic, Russian Arctic and Boreal Systems, which dealt with temperate and Arctic areas in Russia.

The day-to-day task of administering the call was coordinated by a team at NordForsk in cooperation with project manager Johann Müller at the ANR. In addition Nordforsk had the technical responsibility for the application process of the call.

Professor Mannila

Professor Heikki Mannila, the President of the Academy of Finland and the Chair of the Governing Board of JPI Climate, commends NordForsk's effort.  

 “I am very pleased with our collaboration with NordForsk. I would like to stress that effective cooperation with institutions such as NordForsk, which is so professional in dealing with calls for proposals and other elements of research administration, is extremely important to the success of JPI Climate,” says Professor Mannila.

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Text: Tor Martin Nilsen

Photo: The Academy of Finland/Studio Kari Likonen