Karolinska Institutet best of universities in the Nordic countries

Harvard is number one in the world, Cambridge is number one in Europe and Karolinska Institutet is number one in the Nordic countries. This is shown by a ranking of universities worldwide, made by researchers at the University of Jiao Tong in Shanghai.
To rank the 500 best universities worldwide the Chinese researchers have scanned every university that has any Nobel Laureates, Field Medals, highly Cited Researchers og papers published in Nature or Science. The results have been weighted against the size of the university.

Universities from all of the Nordic countries, except Iceland, are represented among the 100 top universities in the world. Nordic top university, Karolinska Institutet, is ranked as number 9 in Europe and number 46 in the world. As a Nordic number 2 is the University in Copenhagen, which is number 59 in the world. The University of Oslo, a Nordic number 3, is number 68 on the world list. The University og Helsinki is ranked as number 72 in the world, which makes it number 4 in the Nordic countries.

Sweden tops the Nordic university list, and also has the highest number of universities on the exclusive list. Four Swedish universities are ranked among the 100 best worldwide. In addition to Karolinska Institutet, the University of Uppsala is number 74, the University of Lund number 92 and Stockholm University number 97.

The researchers responsible for the ranking emphasizes that people should be cautious about any ranking, including their own, even if they have scanned more than 2000 universities worldwide. They admit not being successful in finding special criteria and internationally comparable data for social sciences and humanities, which explains why well known institutions specialized in these areas, are missing from the list or have a low ranking. The original purpose of the researchers for doing the ranking was to find out the gap between Chinese universities and world-class universities. They ask for suggestions for improving the ranking next year.

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