Kick-off for the health and welfare programme

In the past year, NordForsk’s Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare has provided a total of close to NOK 200 million in funding for 11 projects. The programme kick-off in Oslo on 22 October brought the project teams together for the first time, allowing them both to present their activities and to find new ways to work together.

Kick-off for NordForsks helse og velferdsprogramThe Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare is part of the effort to improve public health in the Nordic region by generating new knowledge about the diverse challenges facing the various countries. There are high expectations for the 11 projects that have been awarded funding under the programme’s three calls for proposals.

Three calls in a single year

Under the first call, a total of NOK 140 million in funding was awarded to five research projects. The thematic framework of the call was to gain basic knowledge about the mechanisms and disparities that underlie inequities in the distribution of health and welfare in Nordic countries. The two subsequent calls focused on user-driven innovation (two funded projects) and on the construction of joint Nordic registers and databases for research purposes (four funded projects), respectively.

The kick-off was held in downtown Oslo at the Aker Brygge complex, and was attended by approximately 50 individuals affiliated with the programme and the various research projects. Professor Gunnel Gustafsson, Director of NordForsk, opened the event and spoke enthusiastically about the high quality of the projects and NordForsk’s expectations, after which Professor Erland Hjelmquist, head of the Programme Committee of the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare, took the podium and introduced the various projects over the course of the day.

A cutting-edge health initiative

Programkomiteleder Erland Hjelmquist og professor Johan Fritzell

“Modern”, “bold” and “forward-looking” were just a few of the terms used during the presentations to describe NordForsk’s health and welfare programme, and it was evident that those involved with the research projects were eager to get their efforts underway.

“Our intention has always been to promote research that will improve public health in the Nordic countries and to produce the knowledge needed to give politicians a better basis for designing sound health policy. We are convinced that the 11 projects awarded funding will succeed in precisely this, and after today’s excellent presentations we are looking forward to following them as they proceed,” Erland Hjelmquist says.

“All of the funded projects target the major health and welfare challenges facing the Nordic region, and we are certain that they will also help to inspire new research,” he adds.

The 11 projects under the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare:

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Additional presentations at the kick-off

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Text and photo: Tor Martin Nilsen

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