Knowledge, Visibility and Well-being in the Nordic Region

In order to face up to the challenges posed by globalisation the Nordic Prime Ministers will give priority to research, education, training and innovation, cross-border freedom of movement and a higher profile for the Nordic countries . This was decided by the Prime Ministers at their summer meeting in Finland 18–19 June 2007.
 Knowledge, Visibility and Well-being in the Nordic Region
The climate, environment & energy and health & welfare will be given top priority in Nordic collaboration in the future. Nordic strengths within education and research will be further developed; and the Governments will work to enhance creativity, technology and innovation in the region.

The Nordic Prime Ministers gathered for their summer meeting in Punkaharju, Finland, 18-19 June.The Finnish PM, Matti Vanhanen, hosted the meeting which was attended by Fredrik Reinfeldt (Sweden), Jens Stoltenberg (Norway), Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Denmark), Geir H. Haarde (Iceland) and their partners.

The Prime Ministers agreed to hold an annual summit to keep globalisation policy up to date and involve stakeholders from the different countries in open dialogue.

Read the press release here. (Available in Swedish only.)

The President of the Nordic Council, Dagfinn Høybraaten, comments on the Prime Ministers’ priorities here.

The Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson, comments on the results of the Priministers’ meeting here.