Knowledge multiplies when shared

Knowledge multiplies when shared

The Nordic Council 65th Session 2013 was held in Oslo from 29 to 31 October. Topics for discussion included the Nordic health and welfare model, drop-out rates in schools, youth unemployment and a variety of other joint Nordic issues.

Norway’s new Minister for Nordic Co-operation, Elisabeth Aspaker, emphasised the importance of sharing knowledge and undertaking joint efforts in the area of research. “Knowledge is the only resource that multiplies when shared,” stated the minister.

Gunnel Gustafsson, Director of NordForsk, summed up the session as follows: “The dialogue between an organisation like NordForsk and parliamentarians and the Nordic Council of Ministers is critical. Gunnel Gustafsson holder innlegg for Nordisk råds næringsutvalg. Nordisk råds sesjon 2013The formal and informal discussions that have taken place in Oslo during this session have given me new insight into how NordForsk can become even better at helping to expand the knowledge base on which political decisions are taken.”
NordForsk Stand

Main: The press conference for the five Nordic prime ministers.
Image 1: Director Gunnel Gustafsson introduced NordForsk to the Business and Industry Committee.
Image 2: NordForsk’s information stand at the Storting (Norwegian national assembly).

Text: Anne Riiser  Photo: NordForsk/Terje Heiestad