Launching of Nordic Centre of Excellence Pilot Programme

The Joint Committee of the Nordic Natural Science Research Councils (NOS-N) and the Nordic Council of Ministers of Education and Research (MR-U) decided in 2001 to launch a Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) Pilot Programme to increase the scientific quality and visibility of Nordic research. The Programme will run during 2002-2007 and the annual funding will be at least DKK 10 million (approximately EUR 1.35 million). The secretariat functions of the Pilot Programme are provided by the Academy of Finland.

The research area of the Nordic Centre of Excellence Pilot Programme is basic natural science in the field of global change in the context of ecosystem processes within climate change, atmospheric processes and oceanographic processes. All research teams or units from universities and research institutes in these fields can apply to the NCoE programme. NCoEs should be based on existing research teams in the Nordic countries. More information and application (deadline 2nd of May to the Academy of Finland).

NorFA will invite the NCoE candidates to apply for additional funding to be specifically allocated to a research training scheme as part of the NCoE pilot programme.
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