Lene Lange to chair the board of NordForsk

At the first meeting of the board of NordForsk, Lene Lange of the Strategic Research Council in Denmark was elected chairperson. Ms Lange is head of research at Novozymes A/S in Copenhagen and affiliated professor at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Denmark.
Elected as vice chairperson of the board was Anneli Pauli, vice president of research at the Academy of Finland. The board resolved to advertise the post of director of NordForsk as quickly as possible, and appointed Anne Ullmann, currently head of administration, to act as manager of the Secretariat until a new director has been appointed. Reijo Vihko, former president of the Academy of Finland, has already been appointed project manager with responsibility for heading NordForsk’s external activities in the start-up phase.

The board of NordForsk consists of one representative of each of the national research councils in the five Nordic countries, three representatives of universities in the Nordic countries and one representative of the industry. In addition to these ordinary members, several members have observer status: one representative for Åland, one for the Faeroe Islands and one for Greenland, while the national research councils in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have one joint observer. The Director of the Nordic Innovation Centre has the status of observer in the same way as NordForsk’s staff representative and a representative of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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