Less for research in Norwegian national budget

The Norwegian government cuts back on research in this year‘s revised national budget. Norwegian Research Council will lose NOK 56 million and Innovation Norway will lose 189 million.
Director of the Norwegian Research Council comments the national budget:
-This is unfortunate and weakens the predictability. The cutback this year is not very dramatic, but all cutbacks are unfortunate and the shirt horizon of the Norwegian buget system is a problem for us.

However, the government gives 800 million to a fund for research and innovation. The yield of this money will be administered by the research council and will be used in petroleum research.
-The increase of the fund is good news and gives long perspectives. The yield of this money will return 47 million extra per year for petroleum research, Hallén states.
-However, this kind of yield management and priorities from the government can be problematic if it means a direction of the use of the money which can undermine broader priorities, says Hallén and concludes that the revised national budget does not bring Norway up to the OECD level of research percentage of GDP.
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