Little time for research in Norway

Swedish professors use 50 percent of their time for research, the Danish use 46 percent and the Finnish 44 percent. In Norway, only 29 percent of the time is used for research, states a new report from NIFU.
However, these are average numbers and should be regarded as such, researcher and co-writer of the report Nina Sandberg at NIFU (Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education) states. It is also difficult to compare Norway and Sweden because of the Swedish system of connecting finance directly to the universities, contrary to the system in Norway.

While Finland is often looked to as an example of a country that provides good conditions for research, the national reports show that Finnish researchers are still not pleased with the working conditions. The lack of long term perspective is one thing complained about.

The report authors believe that the most important challenge for Norway is to grant scientific personnel more continuous time for research.
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