Looking Inside Stars

How do we obtain information about the stellar interior with observations by using available optical instruments? This was the main topic of the NordForsk granted research school ‘’Looking Inside Stars’’ at the Molėtai Observatory outside Vilnius in Lithuania.
The stars in the Universe are not the same. They are not just twinkling white dots of light on a night sky. They have different shapes, colours and some might pulsate. The explanation of the various properties a star may have lies deep inside of it. It is in the interior that the nuclear energy is produced and then transported outwards to the surface.

Between August 7-21, 2005 research students from the Nordic countries, Russia and Lithuania were educated by international experts in astrophysics and made real optical observations with modern instruments. The main focus was on the field of asteroseismology, where the acoustic waves travelling inside the star is studied by observing the variations of the light from the star.

The student assignments and observing project, from this research school and previous ones, has been compiled in a booklet called ‘’Looking Inside Stars’’, edited by E.G. Meištas and J.-E. Solheim. Further information about this research school can be found at http://www.itpa.lt/mao/norfa2005/.
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