Millennium Technology Prize 2010 – the nomination period has started

The Millennium Technology Prize is the biggest technology award in the world. With a value of more than one million euros, the award will be given for a technological innovation that improves the quality of life. The Technology Academy Foundation is now looking for nominees, and the nominations will be accepted until 1 October 2009.
 Millennium Technology Prize 2010 – the nomination period has started
The Millennium Technology Prize will now be given for the fourth time to a groundbreaking innovation that promotes people’s quality of life, contributes toward the realization of humane values, and encourages sustainable development.

Candidates for the 2010 award are sought across the world and in all fields of technology. Nominations are welcomed from universities, academies, research institutes and industrial organisations.

The first award, presented in 2004, was given to Tim Berners-Lee, the developer of the World Wide Web. In 2008, Robert Langer received the award for the biomaterials he had developed for controlled drug release and tissue regeneration. This time, the finalists and the winner will receive their awards in Helsinki in June 2010.

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Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Poto: Millennium Technology Prize