-Must create common Nordic research environment

-We have to create a common Nordic research environment and let go of national considerations. If not, we might as well wave goodbye to the ambitions of making the Nordic countries a poweful centre of the new Europe, says Secretary General Per Unckel of the Nordic Council of Ministers to Norwegian newpaper Aftenposten.
The Secretary General Per Unckel makes his statement in connection with the EU enlargement on 1st May 2004.

Regarding research and innovation, the Secretary General Unckel pointed to the example made by Denmark as they recently funded a project in Lund Sweden instead of keeping the money within the country.
-This is a pilot project pointing out our direction. Nothing is less stable than research environments. Researchers move easily on order to obtain the best conditions. We have to join forces with the new Baltic EU members in order to be competitive and keep our researchers in the region, says Per Unckel to Aftenposten.

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