NCoE EcoClim Coordinator Hosts International Climate Change Lecture in Oslo

Overfishing, climate change, pollution, and coastal development are threatening ocean ecosystems worldwide. Recognition of the increasing magnitude of these threats and their evolutionary, ecological and societal consequences is beginning to trigger new approaches to reversing the degradation. Monday 3 September 2007 professor Jane Lubchenco gives the annual Kristine Bonnevie Lecture at the University of Oslo, on the subject “The Quickening Pace of Environmental Changes in Oceans”.
 NCoE EcoClim Coordinator Hosts International Climate Change Lecture in Oslo

The event is organised by the co-ordinating centre of the Nordic Centre of Excellence EcoClim and will take place in Aud. 1, Georg Sverdrups hus at Blindern, University of Oslo.

10.15 Opening remarks by rector Geir Ellingsrud
10.20 "The Importance of Role Models in Academia: The Gender Issue" by Camilla Serck-Hanssen
10.35 "Kristine Bonnevie and Marine Research" by Bente Edvardsen
10.45 "The Quickening Pace of Evironmental Changes in Oceans: Evolutionary, Ecological and Social Implications" by Jane Lubchenco
11.40 Closing remarks by Geir Ellingsrud

The keynote speaker professor Jane Lubchenco (Oregon State University) is a highly influential environmental scientist who is actively engaged in communication of scientific knowledge. She leads an interdisciplinary team studying the marine ecosystem of the west coast of the U.S., and is former president of the International Council for Science.

Read more about the event here.
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