NeIC 2017: Crossing boundaries - changing the world

NeIC 2017: Crossing boundaries - changing the world

More than 200 technical experts, researchers, and decision-makers in computing and data storage joined forces at the NeIC 2017 conference. The event took place in Umeå, Sweden from 29 May – 1 June and included both workshops and conference sessions with high-profile speakers from academia and industry.

NeIC has hosted the large bi-annual conference twice before, in 2013 in Trondheim and 2015 in Espoo, to bring together the Nordic e-Infrastructure community to discuss, develop ideas and prepare for the future. This year Umeå was the place to be.

During the first two days, attendees could participate in a wide variety of workshops and the two subsequent days were dedicated to the official NeIC 2017 conference, with sessions on society, science and technology on the first day, and industry and online computing on the final day. 

The opening session focused on the significance and importance of cross-border e-Infrastructure collaboration in the Nordic region and NordForsk Director, Gunnel Gustafsson, gave a talk on the opportunities for increased Nordic research infrastructure collaboration.

NordForsk has been the host organisation for NeIC since 2012 and Gustafsson stated that since then, NeIC's activities have expanded significantly (from about 10 to at least 40 full time equivalent positions) and she believed that NeIC could become a model for e-Infrastructure cooperation in the Nordic region and beyond. 

The event was hosted and organised by NeIC and the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC ).

Read the full article at, see the presentations here, and see all the workshop presentations here.

The NeIC 2017 programme

Text: Tor Martin Nilsen

Photo: Terje Heiestad