New call for proposals under the Top-level Research Initiative: Collaboration projects on green growth in an era of climate change

A new call for proposals issued under the Top-level Research Initiative is aimed at supporting the development of new, sustainable solutions that promote green growth in the Nordic region. This will be achieved in part by expanding on the expertise developed within Nordic research cooperation in the areas of climate, energy and the environment. The call is further designed to foster cooperation in these areas between research institutions, trade and industry, and society at large.

The call for proposals combines the objectives of the two TRI sub-programmes Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change and Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere with a green growth perspective.

Funding may be sought by international consortia of researchers and research groups from various sectors, with a focus on participation of trade and industry. The consortia must involve partners from at least three Nordic countries, and the formal applicant must be a legal entity based in one of the Nordic countries.

More information is available here.

Text:Marius Hagen

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