New institute for Barents research

The Barents Institute for research will open in Kirkenes in a month. Growing international political focus, major economic interests, increasing pressure on the environment and deep social divides across national borders contribute to the need for new research activities in the Northern region.
The Barents Institute describes its role as being an international research institute located in the northernmost part of Europe, at the crossroads of the East-West borders, and in the immediate vicinity of the rich natural resources of the Barents Sea.

The Barents Institute will focus on research which is particularly relevant for the Northern areas. Central research fields will be east-west relations, cross-border developments and region building studies, centre-periphery relations, business developments and resource management issues.

Three programmes have been developed. These will form the basis for the research activities. Petroleum, infrastructure and social transformation is one programme. Another is region building at political level and so-called ‘borderology´, the study of the structures and mechanisms of cross-border activities. The third programme will focus on cross-border business and trade. All three programmes are inter-related and are based on the east-East-West regional political co-operation which has already been established in the Northern areas.


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