New NORBAL statistics: Slight Decrease in Awarded Doctoral Degrees

6 625 doctoral degrees were awarded in the Nordic and Baltic countries in 2006. This is a decrease by 160 doctoral degrees compared to 2005 figures. The online presentation of statistics on Nordic/Baltic doctoral degrees (1990-) is now available in new design with improved functionalities: NORBAL .
 New NORBAL statistics: Slight Decrease in Awarded Doctoral Degrees
Main findings 2006
About 40 per cent of the doctoral degrees (2006) were awarded in Sweden, 20 per cent in Finland while Denmark and Norway accounted for 15 per cent each. The Baltic countries accounted for about one tenth of the total number, i.e. 600 doctoral degrees.

In spite of the decrease in the number of doctoral degrees awarded in 2006 compared to 2005, the supply of researchers with a doctoral degree has increased considerably, from about 3500 annually in the early 1990s to about 6 500 annually after the millennium. From 1990 to 2006, a total of 84 000 doctoral students were awarded the doctoral degree in the Nordic and Baltic region.

Women accounted for 45,3 per cent of the region’s doctoral degrees in 2006. This is a major increase since 1990 when women accounted for only 27 per cent. The increase is mainly caused by a growth in the Nordic countries; in the Baltic countries, the share of women among doctoral candidates has remained high throughout the whole period, and made up 57 per cent in 2006. The highest share of women can be found in Finland and Sweden, were they accounted for 47 and 46 per cent, while the women in Denmark and Norway accounted for 41 and 38 percent respectively.

NORBAL presents the development from 1990 onwards of awarded doctoral degrees, number of doctoral students and average/median age at doctoral dissertation in the Nordic and Baltic countries, examined with regards to the following variables:
  • Countries (Nordic: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Baltic: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
  • Fields of science: Humanities, Social sciences, Natural sciences, Engineering and technology, Medical and health sciences and Agricultural sciences)
  • Type of doctoral degrees: Regular/Phd, classical (Denmark). Licentiate (Finland and Sweden)
  • Gender: Women, Men, Both genders
  • Year: 1990- 2006 (annually updated)
NORBAL now presents the figures through a flexible and user friendly solution provided by the web presentation tool Nesstar.

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