New NordForsk director has started

Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist has now started her work as the director of NordForsk. “I am really looking forward to this job”, she says.
“It was the Nordic dimension in this job that made it so attractive to me. It seems to me that there is a renewed interest in Nordic collaboration within research, but perhaps with a different and larger outlook than before. Combining our efforts, we can better be competitive on a global basis. So this really seems like a very good moment in time to be launching NordForsk. Even though I have only just started I have already met many of the central persons and institutions in Nordic research collaboration. The NORIA Symposium, arranged by NordForsk in September this year, was a very good meeting where we were able to discuss both the shape and content of our collaboration in the years to come”, she concludes.

Hakamies-Blomqvist comes from the position as research director of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. Her background is in psychology and philology and the last few years she has been involved in research on traffic and ageing.
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