New Nordic Centres of Excellence

The Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (NOS-HS) has selected four Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) for a programme that runs from 2005 to 2010.
The main objective of Nordic Centre of Excellence Programmes is to create Nordic added value and further increase scientific quality of Nordic research. Nordic Centres of Excellence are selected for a five-year period based on open competition. The most important selection criterion is the excellent scientific quality in an international context. The programme is jointly funded by the Nordic research councils and NordForsk. The annual budget is 1.7 million euros. The Nordic support supplements the basic funding of the Centres, which comes from national sources.

The following four Nordic Centres of Excellence will start in autumn 2005:

Cognitive Control: Behavioural and Brain Studies of Cognitive Control in Attention, Perception, Language, Memory, and Emotion
Coordinator: Professor Lars Nyberg, Umeå University, Department of Psychology. The NCoE aims at investigating cognitive control, the way in which we control our cognitive processes, in several different domains: attention, perception, language, memory, and emotion. The NCoE consists of five teams with researchers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Empirical Labor Economics
Coordinator: Professor Per-Anders Edin, Uppsala University, Department of Economics. The aim of this NCoE is to contribute to a better understanding of the central aspects of ‘the Nordic model‘ and their effects on the Nordic labour market. The program focuses on three main areas of interest: social insurance, education and structural change. The NCoE consists of four research teams with researchers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The Nordic Countries and the Medieval Expansion of Europe. New Interpretations of a Common Past
Coordinator: Professor Sverre Bagge, Centre of Medieval Studies (CMS), The University of Bergen. The NCoE will examine the historic Europeanisation of the Nordic region, especially in three main areas: religion, state formation, and culture. The NCoE is composed of three Nordic research teams, each exploring one of the topic areas, with researchers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

NORMS - Nordic Centre of Excellence in Microcomparative Syntax
Coordinator: Professor Peter Svenonius, Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics (CASTL), The University of Tromsø. NORMS aims to map, document, and analyze the complex patchwork of dialectal variation throughout the Scandinavian language continuum, from Iceland in the west to the Swedish-speaking areas of Finland in the east, and from the Norwegian settlements on Svalbard in the north to Denmark’s German border in the south. The NCoE consists of seven teams with researchers from all the Nordic countries.

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