New NORIA-net in Sports Science

Physical activity and sports have a significant role in promoting good health, but also a broader societal and cultural role. The importance of physical activity and sports will even increase in the future due to the increasing trends of obesity and ageing of the population. June 1st a new NORIA-net begins their work to evaluate sports science in the Nordic region.
 New NORIA-net in Sports Science
Sports sciences research in Nordic countries is multiple and multidisciplinary. It is characterized by mostly small research groups and numerous research institutions. Funding is decentralized and scattered between governmental funding agencies and smaller funding agencies.

The NORIA-net “Nordic evaluation of Sports Sciences” aims to evaluate sports science in the Nordic region in order to identify strengths and weaknesses, and the underlying causes. This can contribute to developing the scientific quality and the practical use of sports science in the Nordic countries.

The evaluation will be carried out in cooperation between the following governmental funding bodies in the Nordic countries:

• Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
• National Research Board for Natural Sciences, Denmark
• Ministry of Culture, Denmark
• The Academy of Finland, Research Council for Health
• Ministry of Education, Sports Division, Finland
• The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannis)
• The Research Council of Norway
• The Swedish Research Council, The Scientific Council for Medicine
• Swedish National Centre for Research in Sports (CIF)

The NORIA-net is coordinated by the Academy of Finland.

The evaluation leads to a roadmap on how to develop sports sciences in the future in all Nordic countries. It is expected to lead to closer collaboration between different funding bodies, between research groups in different countries, for instance regarding PhD training.

The project starts in June 2010 and the results are published in October 2011.

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