New Norwegian Government continues strengthening of research

The new Norwegian red-green coalition Government continues the strengthening of research in its Amendment to the 2006 Budget, which was presented today. Minister of Knowledge, Øystein Djupedal, changes the distribution of new PhD positions.
The Government maitains the propsal of investments in research according to the plan for increasing public funding of research. According to the parliamentary resolution on the white paper on research, the Government proposes to increase the capital of the Fund for Research and Innovation by NOK 14 billion.

The last Government proposed to allocate funding for 350 new PhD positions, of which 100 were to be administered by the Researach Council of Norway. These were supposed to be granted as free scholarships. The Government changes this, and canalizes all the 350 PhD positions to the universities and university colleges.

This leads to 92 extra PhD positions at the universities. These will be distributed as follows: 30 PhD positions to the University of Oslo, 25 PhD positions to Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 18 PhD positions to the University of Bergen, 10 PhD positions to the University of Stavanger and 4 PhD positions to the norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Read more at the website of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research