New Norwegian Government likely to launch super-ministry

The leadership of the so-called red-green alternative currently in negotiations to form a new government in Norway is likely to establish a super-ministry of childhood, education and research.
Large-scale changes in the Norwegian state administration are to be expected if the Labour Party, Centre Party and the Socialist Left Party form a new Norwegian government. Jens Stoltenberg of the Labour Party, Kristin Halvorsen of The Socialist Left and Åslaug Haga of the Centre Party are currently negotiating at Soria Moria conference centre in Oslo. One of the proposals concerns a new "knowledge ministry", of which the minister will probably be from the Socialist Left. If a ministry of this sort is indeed launched, it will be in charge of all learning, from the cradle to the grave: childhood, schools, higher education and research.

NordForsk news will be back with more information when the new government is formed.
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