New plan for future eScience and eInfrastructure initiatives

The Nordic eScience Action Plan 2.0 comprises ten concrete actions in the areas of eScience and eInfrastructure. NordForsk is already implementing a number of the plan’s recommendations through the Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI) and the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC), while other recommendations will be followed up in other fora.

The first version of the Nordic eScience Action Plan was presented in November 2008, and included ten concrete actions for implementing an integrated Nordic strategy covering higher education in eScience, eScience research and eInfrastructure. The Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research appointed another expert group, headed by Sverker Holmgren, professor at Uppsala University and Programme Director for the Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI), to produce an updated version.

The Nordic eScience Action Plan 2.0 has been completed, and recommends the following ten actions within eScience and eInfrastructure:

  • Training Researchers in eScience Tools and Methods;
  • Fostering Nordic eScience Collaboration through mobility;
  • Strengthening eScience Aspects of Nordic Research;
  • Nordic Research on eScience Methods and Software;
  • Nordic Pilot Projects within Open Science;
  • Nordic Sharing and Exchange of eInfrastructure Resources;
  • A Nordic Federated Cloud;
  • Nordic High Performance Computing Collaboration;
  • Nordic eInfrastructure for Sensitive Data;
  • Nordic eInfrastructure for Scientific Software.


The expert group has designed these recommendations for the purpose of advancing Nordic research, and has presented its findings in a variety of different contexts. The group hopes that the plan will be used by decision-makers at universities, research councils and other research organisations.

“The expert group has undertaken a huge task in creating an overview of how we can further enhance the connections between initiatives in eScience and eInfrastructure,” says Sverker Holmgren. “NordForsk and NeIC have adopted a couple of the recommendations from the eScience Action Plan 2.0 and are in the process of implementing them in the Nordic research community through a call for proposals under NeGI, among others. We sincerely hope that other national stakeholders will follow up on the remaining recommendations.”




Text: Linn Hoff Jensen

Sverker Holmgren - Programme Director for the Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI)
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