New President of the Nordic Council

Helgi Hjörvar MP (Iceland) was elected President of the Nordic Council at the annual Session in Stockholm last week. Hjörvar succeeds Sinikka Bohlin (Sweden) at the end of the year when it becomes the turn of Iceland to chair the Council.
 New President of the Nordic Council
Helgi Hjörvar represents the Social Democrats, and became a member of the Nordic Council in 2007. The new president believes that Nordic co-operation is more important than ever, especially in the wake of the financial crisis. Important areas for the new president are security, fisheries policy, the Arctic and the Baltic, cultural and language issues, as well as cross-border freedom of movement.

Illugi Gunnarsson of the Icelandic Independence Party was elected Vice President, succeeding Kent Olsson from Sweden.

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Photo: Helgi Hjörvar, av Johannes Jansson,