New projects financed by the Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural Research

The Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural Research (NKJ) has decided to recommend two new projects and two networks for funding.
The projects are:

Prediction of storability and biological control for preventing spoilage and quality loss in stored potatoes
Project leader Minna Ursula Pirhonen, Finland

Impact of climate change on the interaction of Fusarium species in oats and barley
Project leader: Erik Lysøe, Norway

Additionally, two networks will be funded:

Network of Nordic forage modelling. Climate change assessments based on Nordic data
Project leader: Nils Höglind, Norway

Sustainable development of Nordic plant breeding: Pre breeding in the Nordic region - a prerequisite for food security in changing climate
Project leader: Roland von Bothmer, Sweden

Text: Hanne Silje Hauge
Photo from NKJ