New Publication on Challenges and Trends of International Researcher Mobility

A recent report published by the Academy Finland reveals that Finnish researchers often feel that the research funding instruments available for international mobility do not meet their individual needs. In particular young researchers and researchers with a family see mobility as a challenge because of, among other things, limited funding and short, fixed-term employment relationships.
 New Publication on Challenges and Trends of International Researcher Mobility
Reveals Needs for More Flexible Funding
The report shows that there is no one clear and typical research career. The survey respondents‘ have very varied and diverging career paths and work situations. This means that there is a need for more responsive and flexible forms of mobility funding. The obstacles to mobility the respondents report generally concern the overall funding situation and the availability of funding.

Scarce funding and fixed-term employment limit researcher mobility
A particularly important issue is the special problems faced by researchers with a family. Respondents who had moved abroad with their family had rarely managed to get an increase to their mobility funding to cover relocation costs or to ensure their family‘s livelihood abroad.

The United States and western European countries are still the most popular destinations for mobile Finnish researchers. The majority of the mobility periods abroad are short-term visits.

The report by Jussi Kulonpalo presents a survey on the international mobility of Finnish academic researchers. The survey charts the different forms of researcher mobility and experiences of mobility barriers. A particular focus is on young researchers, postgraduate students and researchers with a family as well as their special needs in terms of international mobility and a career in research.

The report Academic Finns Abroad: Challenges of International Mobility and the Research Career is available in PDF format on the Academy‘s website. The report can also be ordered from

(Originally published on The Academy of Finland’s website)