New record for NorFA networks

In a meeting on 14 October NorFA’s board decided to grant funding to 20 new networks. Usually, the number is between 12 and 15 new networks a year. This means that in 2005, a total of 70 networks will be active on a budget of NOK 18.4 million.
NorFA has never funded more networks. By the application deadline on 2 May 2004 NorFa received 81 applications for new Nordic networks for research and research training. This is the highest number of applications ever received. This year, 25 per cent of the applications were successful.

The applications were considered by three panels; one for the humanities and social sciences (35 applications), one for the natural sciences, technology and medicine (39 applications) and one for agriculture, forestry and food (7 applications). External experts were also used.

The distribution of applications between fields is relatively even, with 29 applications from the natural sciences and technology, nine from medicine, 17 from the humanities, 19 from the social sciences and economics and seven from agriculture and forestry. There has been a slight increase in the number of applications from the natural sciences. Of the successful applications, eight concern the natural sciences and technology and eight the humanities and social sciences. In addition, three new networks will be set up within medicine and one within agriculture and forestry.

The distribution on the Nordic countries according to the native country of the main applicant, is also relatively even, with 21 applications from Denmark, 18 from Finland, 19 from both Norway and Sweden, one from Iceland, two from Estland and one from Latvia. Of the successful applicants, Norway tops the list with seven networks, while Denmark, Finland and Sweden each will have four new networks. One new network will be coordinated from Latvia.

Of this year’s applications, 23 had a female main applicant, corresponding to 28 per cent of the total number of applicants, while five of the new networks (25%) have a female main coordinator.

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