New report compares research performance of Nordic higher education institutions

This third report in the series "Comparing Research at Nordic Higher Education Institutions Using Bibliometric Indicators" covers the years 1999-2014 and is significantly more comprehensive than the previous reports. It finds that some nordic institutions are "world class", but most are not.

The analysis makes use of data on scientific publications and citations to present indicators that describe the research carried out at Nordic institution of higher education. Compared to the earlier reports, this report covers more years, analyses a broader set of scientific subject fields and includes more institutions. The figures are not directly comparable with the previous reports so rather than simply being an update of those, this report should be seen as a replacement.

By describing the differences in research profiles, specialisations and volume of research activity the report reveals dimensions that one-dimensional global university rankings do not capture. It finds that the differences between the Nordic institutions are quite stable.

Judged by publication activity and citation impact, world class research is being conducted at a few Nordic institutions, but not at most. However, the majority of the institutions perform above the world average.

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Text: Eivind Sætre
Illustration: Jan Neste

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