New report evaluates effects of climate change on primary industries

Research programme on climate change and primary industries delivers its conclusions and recommendations.
New report evaluates effects of climate change on primary industries

The report "Climate change and primary industries: Impacts, adaptation and mitigaton in the Nordic countries" presents the expected consequences - both positive and negative - that agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the Nordic region will face as a result of climate change.

While the effects are certain to be profound and manifold, the many uncertainties regarding the scale and precise nature of global warming make it is impossible to make detailed and exact predictions. The authors recommend that further research and continued and improved monitoring be prioritised in order to enable the industries and political decision-makers to respond and adapt to the challenges and opportunities that will arise. 

Changes to the habitats and conditions for living organisms will likely require that political agreements regarding natural resource management and sharing are revisited and redrawn. 

The report and its findings will be presented at the conference "Adapting to Change: From Research to Decision-making" in Copenhagen on 26 August.

The report can be downloaded or ordered from the Nordic Council of Ministers or from the Open Access repository of the Nordic cooperation.

A short version of report, containing conclusions and recommendations aimed at policy makers, is also available.


Text: Eivind Sætre