New research on prostitution in the Nordic region

In August 2007, NIKK (Nordic Institute for Women and Gender Research) starts the research project “Prostitution in the Nordic Region”. The project is carried out on assignment from the Nordic ministers for equal rights.
 New research on prostitution in the Nordic region
“Prostitution in the Nordic Region” comprises 1) a survey of the countries’ legislation and other measures intended to prevent prostitution and trafficking; 2) a survey of the occurrence and amount of prostitution and trafficking in the Nordic region, and of the effects of legislation and other measures initiated to work against these activities; 3) an investigation and analysis of male and female attitudes towards the buying and selling of sexual services.

NIKK have appointed May-Len Skilbrei from FAFO, Norway, and Charlotta Holmström from Malmö University project managers. During the one year project period, collaboration with researchers from all the Nordic countries will be established.