New statistics on Nordic-UK R&D

New statistics on Nordic-UK R&D

A new collection of statistics on UK-Nordic relations in research and innovation shows that the UK-Nordic collaboration is broad and extensive, and it constitutes a clear example of a win-win situation in terms of research impact.

The United Kingdom as well as the Nordic countries are important actors in the European as well as in the global research landscape. The collection of statistics show that the research profiles of the Nordics and the UK are similar yet also complementary, which has resulted in a large amount of collaborative projects and many thousands of individual researchers working actively together to achieve common goals. This clear ambition and will to collaborate internationally is important to recognize and facilitate in order to ensure that common goals can be reached within applied as well as in fundamental science. 

The initiative to this collection of central statistics, came from the Heads of Nordic Research Councils (NordHorcs), who asked NordForsk to set up a group of representatives from the national research funding organisations to discuss and exchange information and experiences in relation to Brexit.

“The focus has been to see the Nordics as a region in its relations with the UK in the area of research and innovation. It is our hope that it can provide some good background information for anyone interested in the UK-Nordic relations in this area,” writes Arne Flåoyen, Director of NordForsk, in the preface.

The collection of statistics consists of a number of statistical graphs illustrating different aspects of the existing UK-Nordic R&D collaboration with a focus on Horizon 2020.


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