News on names: Ralf Hemmingsen new chairman of Danish KUF

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen, professor dr. med., at COpenhagen University, is elected new chairman for the Danish coordination committee for research (KUF). "KUF includes all large actors in Danish research. Therefore we are able to secure the best possible use of research funding", Hemmingsen says.
"The Government has predicted a substantial increase in public research funds. I hope that will be included in the budget of 2007. And I take it for granted that they see KUf as a partner", stresses Hemmingsen.

KUF particularly wants to strengthen Danish research training. Especially now that the competition to recruit the best talents hardens internationally.

Ralf Hemminsen replaces Jens Oddershede, who was chairman of KUF since the start in 2004.
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