"No reason to change tax regulations"

"There is no reason to change the regulations on tax excuse for research institutions, like the authorities now propose", says director general of the Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén. An old disagreement between SINTEF and the local tax department now threatens more than 60 Norwegian research institutions.
In 2005 the tax department of Trondheim city decided that the research institution SINTEF no longer can be excused from paying taxes on incomes and assets. If the decision remains standing it will have serious economic consequences for SINTEF and more than 60 other Norwegian research institutions.

"I think there is absolutely no reason to change the regulations of tax excuses for research institutions. Instead of strengthening the research institute sector, as the Government has promoted earlier, this will definitely weaken it. This is very serious. In addition, it will lead to different framework conditions depending on the organisation of each institution", states Arvid Hallén, director general of the Research Council of Norway.

SINTEF therefore has instigated legal proceedings against the Government.
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