NOK 20 million for research on new learning and teaching environments and practices

NOK 20 million for research on new learning and teaching environments and practices

The Nordic programme on educational research, Education for Tomorrow, is now entering its second phase. In this connection, NordForsk, together with the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO), has selected three new projects for funding under the joint call “Inclusive Education Across Borders”. The projects focus on teaching of children and students in need of special support, and involve collaboration between Nordic and Dutch researchers.

The 24 grant applications received were assessed by international experts. The three projects selected for funding will receive a total of roughly NOK 20 million. These are:

- Politics of belonging: Promoting children’s inclusion in educational settings across borders
Project leader: Eva Johansson, University of Stavanger (Norway)

- Inclusive science teaching in multilingual classrooms – a design study
Project leader: Maaike Hajer, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands)

- Mixed classes and Pedagogical Solutions (MAPS)
Project leader: Sonja Kosunen, University of Helsinki (Finland)

About Education for Tomorrow, the Nordic programme on educational research

Education for Tomorrow is a collaboration between the following institutions: Academy of Finland; Swedish Research Council; Research Council of Norway; Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture; Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science; Innovation Fund Denmark; Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO); and NordForsk.

The programme was launched in response to a proposal by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research (MR-U). Six research projects (2013–2016) and one Nordic Centre of Excellence (2013–2018) were funded during Phase I, which concentrated on the challenges facing the Nordic educational systems in the years ahead.

Phase II of the programme (2017–2023) focuses on bridging research and practice in the area of teaching and learning in new learning environments. During this phase, funding will be awarded to a Nordic Centre of Excellence, in addition to the three above-mentioned research projects.

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Disclaimer: This information may include errors and omissions. Only decisions communicated directly to the applicants through e-mail should be considered formal confirmations of allocation of funding. All applicants will receive a letter of decision by e-mail in the course of November.

Text by: Jakob Chortsen