"NordForsk an important actor"

"NordForsk is one of the main actors in the process of opening up the national research programmes and establish common calls," said Norwegian Minister of Education Øystein Djupedal in the plenary debate at the Nordic Council session on 2nd November.
In his declaration Djupedal (the Socialist Left Party) stressed the fact that NordForsk is a different type of Nordic organisation due to the strong connection with the national research councils. "We must look at NordForsk in a long-time perspective and do our best to strengthen the organisation," Djupedal said.

The Minister also gave credit to NordForsk for the results reached so far, particularly through the Nordic Centres of Excellence in several academic fields, and he mentioned the N-IRI conference that NordForsk helped organise together with the EU Commission and the Nordic Council of Ministers, among others, in October 2006.

The Norwegian MP Rolf Reikvam, also a representative of the Socialist Left, argued that NordForsk should be made an even stronger actor with financing also allocated over the national research budgets.
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