NordForsk awards 47 million NOK to neutron research

NordForsk awards 47 million NOK to neutron research

Six research projects and one research school will receive a total of 47.3 million NOK from NordForsk's Neutron Science Programme.

The projects and the school will all contribute to the research programme's goal of raising the quality and capacity of neutron research in the Nordic countries. The research school will educate neutron specialists and new neutron users, while the research projects will make extensive use of neutron scattering techniques in their investigations.

The six funded projects are:

  • The structure of membrane proteins under solution conditions. Project leader: Marie Skepö, Lund University. 6.8 MNOK.
  • Functional Hydrides – FunHy. Project leader: Torben Jensen, Aarhus University. 7 MNOK

  • Water selectivity of aquaporins using neutron scattering. Project leader: Karin Lindkvist, Lund university. 7 MNOK

  • Antimicrobial Peptides seen by Neutrons. Project leader: Reidar Lund, University of Oslo. 5.4 MNOK

  • Neutrons for Heat Storage. Project leader: Didier Blanchard, DTU, Technical University of Denmark. 6.1 MNOK

  • Magnetic Frustration under Pressure. Project leader: Patrik Henelius, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 7 MNOK

The research school, Nordic Neutron School: Theory, Experiment, and E-learning, which will be led by Kim Lefmann of Copenhagen University, was awarded just under eight million NOK.