NordForsk participates in the biggest cultural event in Scandinavia

Göteborg Book Fair is a major event in Sweden, attracting a large and interested audience. The theme for this year's Göteborg Book Fair 27-30 September is Nordic literature and NordForsk presents three of its program initiatives on the stand organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
NordForsk participates in the biggest cultural event in Scandinavia

The Nordic Council of Ministers has a large exhibition space where you can meet  ministers, authors and scientists and participate in interesting discussions. NordForsk’s own program begins on Friday when Gudmund Hernes holds a lecture about how the Nordic countries could meet the great challenges of climate change. Societal security is a field that is highly relevant in the Nordic countries, and NordForsk is looking at a possible initiative on this topic. Under the heading "Whose freedom of speech will we defend?" Britt-Marie Drottz Sjøberg, Johanna Korhonen and Nils Erik Forsgård will debate how to maintain the freedom of speech in times of extremism and terrorism requiring a lot more focus on  safety regulations. NCoE HELGA is a Centre of Excellence that examines the effects of a diet with a strong element of whole grain products on health and modern lifestyle diseases. On Sunday this theme is taken up when Anja Olsen from NCoE HELGA asks the question “Can what we eat make us healthy and clever?”

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Text: Marius Hagen