NordForsk established January 1

NordForsk, Nordic Research Board, is a brand new Nordic research institution, established January 1 2005. NordForsk will have a major role in realising the vision of the Nordic countries as a leading and integrated research region.
NordForsk is an independent institution operating under the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research. The institution is responsible for Nordic cooperation within research and research training. In addition, NordForsk handles cooperation and coordination with Nordic InnovationsCenter, NICe. NordForsk replaces the Nordic Science Policy Council and Nordic Academi for Advanced Study, NorFA. Central players in NordForsk are the national research councils, other research-funding agencies and the universities.

Cooperation will focus on the areas within research where the Nordic countries are strong scientifically and perhaps also world leaders. The aim is to promote research of supreme international quality. Together, the Nordic countries will have a stronger position in the competition for European research funding than each country would have individually.

NordForsk‘s board

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