NordForsk-group published in Science

A researcher group from the NordForsk-financed Nordic Centre of Excellence in Global Change has recently published an article on migratory birds and evolutionary change in the prestigious journal Science.
The NordForsk group writes in Science that migratory birds that migrate to Africa return to Northern Europe just as early as the birds that migrate shorter distances. They suggest that this is due to spring coming earlier and earlier to Northern Europe.

"We assumed that migratory birds that returned from Africa after their winter stay did not have the possibility of knowing about the climate changes, being so far from home," says professor of biology Nils Christian Stenseth to "But our study suggests that they have started returning at least as early, and perhaps earlier than the birds that arrive from Southern Europe.

Stenseth coordinates EcoClim, which is a part of the NCoE on Global Change, and is co-author of the Science article
Rapid Advance of Spring Arrival Dates in Long-Distance Migratory Birds. The authors defend the hypothesis of evolutionary change and climate change as a cause of the early return of the migratory birds.

See abstract in Science.
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